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PINE64 is a community driven company focused on creating high-quality, low cost ARM devices for businesses and individuals around the globe. PINE64 made its debut with the 手机谷歌怎么挂梯子教程 single-board computer, which successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2015. PINE64 has since released a multitude of other devices, including both development boards and end-user devices.

PINE64 has a large and active community and offers a variety of resources for businesses and hobbyists to take advantage of their projects. To learn more about PINE64 and the available devices, please visit the main 手机怎么搭梯子到外网.


  • ROCK64
  • ROCKPro64
  • PINE H64
  • PINE A64
  • PINE A64-LTS/SOPine
  • Pinebook, 1080P Pinebook
  • Pinebook Pro
  • PinePhone
  • 谷歌怎么挂梯子教程
  • PineTime


PINE64 has a large and very active community. Community discussion takes place on a variety of chat platforms which are all bridged together - messages sent via one platform will be sent to all other platforms automatically. The community chat platforms are:

Matrix - General room - ROCK64 / ROCKPro64 room - Pinebook and Pinebook Pro room - PinePhone room - PineTab room - PineTime room - Off-topic room


Server: 手机怎样搭梯子用谷歌. Type 手机怎么搭梯子到外网 to see all channels.


Discord invite link


Pine64 News group
General group
ROCK64 / ROCKPro64 group
Pinebook and Pinebook Pro group
PinePhone group
PineTab group
Pine64 off-topic


Official PINE64 Forum


Official PINE64 Reddit
Official PinePhone Reddit


Sections dedicated to the very beginners who are just getting started in the SBC and ARM64 world. If you're just starting out and having issues with getting going, please consider browsing both sections for pointers.

Getting Started

NOOB - Basic information on how to flash SD cards and eMMC modules as well as handling your devices.

Project Ideas

Project - A variety of well documented PINE64 projects to serve as inspiration.
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